Camp Crafters Schedule

Hey!  Camp Crafters is just around the corner, so you are probable wondering who is all doing it.  For the first week Izzy from, Sew Sweet Dollies  and Authors Press, will be doing it from June 5-9.  Next is Miri from, Small Dolls Big Hearts, is doing it from June 12-16.  Light4theLord from, Dolls ‘n’ All, will be doing it from the 19-23.  Then Lexie from, Dolltastically Fun, is doing it from June 26-30. Then last but not least Chloe from, Little Dolls on the Prairie, will be doing July 3-7!

You are probable also wondering where those registration forms are that I promised, and I just finished it, so here it is!

   Camp Crafters Form

This image is free so please don’t sell it or anything like that.

Thank you to everyone who is doing a week!

See you at camp, bye! 😀 😀 😀



14 thoughts on “Camp Crafters Schedule

    1. Hi! Camp Crafters is a thing that I do every summer (this is the second summer), and about five AG doll crafters sign up, and chose a theme and send me five crafters! And then I post them on my blog. I really like your blog too! 🙂

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