Camp Crafts Day 4: Recycled Bolivian Festival Skirt!


Hello!  Welcome back the fourth day of Camp Crafters!  Vivian will be showing us how to make a festival skirt!  Have fun!


Make A Skirt 1

“Hello there!”

Make A Skirt 2
“I’m Vivian, by the way.”

Make A Skirt 3

​”Vivian Jane Everly.”

Make A Skirt 4
“The youngest. This is my first appearance on KAC.”
Make A Skirt 5
“Today I’m going to teach you how to make a cute skirt, just like mine!”

Make A Skirt 6

​”It was inspired by pretty ruffled Bolivian festival skirts.”

Make A Skirt 7
“Let’s get started!”
Make A Skirt 8
You will need: an old cotton skirt, preferably with a ruffle and/or bright pattern, basic sewing knowledge, your doll, and ten inches of elastic.
Make A Skirt 9
Step 1: Lay your doll down on the skirt.
Step 2: Cut a shape around her. You’ll want about three extra inches on either side, and for the skirt to fall around an inch or two above the ankles. Lay it down right sides together and pin the sides.
Step 3: Using a machine or hand sewing, sew the side seam(s).
Step 4: Using a machine or hand sewing, sew an elastic casing, leaving a space to thread the elastic through.
Step 5: Thread the elastic through. Secure.
Step 6: Sew up the hole for the elastic.
Step 7: Hem your skirt. You might not need to do this-I didn’t, but some fabrics may be prone to fraying.
Step 8: Try the skirt on your doll.
Make A Skirt 10
Make A Skirt 11
“You’ve completed your skirt.”
Make A Skirt 12
“Good work, soldier.”
Make A Skirt 13
“I’m proud of you.”
Make A Skirt 14
“See you tomorrow for our *sniff* final day!” *tears*
Bye, guys! See you tomorrow for my (sadly) final Camp Crafters post.
Love from,
Isabel's Signature
This is such a cute craft!  What do you think?  Also, if you have made this craft, you can email me three pictures and a few sentences with your name and your blog name (if you have one).  My email address is, .  I will be posting them at the end of the week on my blog.  Thank you so much again Isabel for doing this week in Camp Crafters!  Come back to see her final craft tomorrow. 😦  Well, bye for now!
Isabel & kaitlynrh1

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