Camp Crafter Day 8: DIY Teddy Bear


Hi!  Today is Miri’s last C.C. post, so please tell her in the comments what your favorite crafts she has made!  So, enjoy!


Hello! Today we are going to be making a super easy teddy bear for your dolls! So let’s get started! The main thing you need for this craft is pom-poms! So grab your pom-poms!

DIY Bear1
Next, get a bunch of pom-poms in one colour. You want some smaller ones and some bigger ones, but all the same colour. (I actually used pink pom-poms, not red ones like shown below)

DIY Bear2
Assemble your pom-poms so they look like a bear.
DIY Bear3
And glue them together like you assembled them! I added a heart bead to its belly as decor, but you could just leave it blank.
DIY Bear4

What do you think?!  I think they are so cute!  If you have made any Camp Crafters crafts, you can email me three pictures and a few sentences with your name and your blog name (if you have one).  My email address is, .  I will be posting them at the end of the week on my blog.  Thank you so much Miri for doing this week in Camp Crafters!  See you tomorrow, bye!
Miri & kaitlynrh1

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