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Camp Crafters Day 9: Smiles All Around – DIY Doll Emoji Party!


Hi!  This week Light4theLord will be taking over!  She will be doing a doll birthday party theme!  I can’t wait to show you guys what she has all made. 🙂  But first, here is the link to her amazing blog: Dolls N’ All .  Enjoy!



Hey there, and welcome to the first Dolls N’ All Day of DIYs! All of the dolls (and myself, Light4theLord) are very excited to show you what we’ve been working on! Today you’ll be seeing several tutorials on ideas for a doll emoji party – décor, activities, and a bonus snack! I’m ready! Are you? Well, let’s get started!
DIY # 1: The Essential Happy Birthday Banner
Seeing as how this is an emoji party, it’s all about everything being round and yellow.. right? Well, the very essential ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ banner is our first craft!

what you will need:
– tape
– yellow curly ribbon (found at party supply stores)
– writing utensils
– round stencil (lids are very efficient)
– scissors
– yellow cardstock or paper (make sure it’s yellow!)Emoji3
Begin by tracing fourteen circles (all the same size for this one).Emoji4
Cut them out as best you can, with those nice sharp scissors…Emoji5
Next, you’ll be wanting to get a cheery colored marker for writing the letters in your best handwriting.
Letting each circle have one letter, write out HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Once you’re finished…
Roll out that curly ribbon!
Arrange the letters into the correct words…
Lay them upside down and stretch the ribbon across, taping it in place.
Then, there you have it! An awesome birthday banner!
DIY #2: Smiley Décor
This little craft is super quick and super cute. Take your scraps from our last craft and punch holes out of it…
And then draw little smiley faces on them! (awwww…) Use these as confetti.
Our next project is DIY Danglers. Fold a piece of yellow cardstock in half and trace various sized circles on it.
Proceed to cut out (make sure each one stays with its partner).
Have fun drawing emojis on one of each set.
Lay a strip of ribbon on the back, tape it down, and then slather on the glue (preferably a glue stick). Sandwich the other of the set on top.
​Ta-da! Adorable little smileys! Hang up wherever you’d like, but I’ll have an example if you just keep reading!
DIY #3: Reversible Emoji Pillow/Bag (activity #1)
{ bonus – use clay to make little emojis like my brother did }
Is this not adorable or what?
Hey, and how about this side? Guess what? These two adorable emoji pillows.. are one! And YOU can make it! Let’s get started!
you will need:
– scissors
– sharpies (black and red)
– yellow felt
– stuffing (if for a pillow)
– yarn/string/ribbon (if for a purse)
– hot glue gun (make sure to have permission or assistance while using a hot glue gun, and don’t blow it up like I did)
Trace a large-ish circle on the folded felt (but not on the fold). Cut out.
Draw two emoji faces, one on each of the sides (don’t use the Sharpie-written-on side for either).
​Outline one of the faces (yes, on the front) with hot glue (though I suggest you do it close to the border than I did).
Sandwich them together, and once the glue dries, turn inside out.
Now, here’s the part where it either becomes a pillow or a bag. If you’d like a pillow, simply stuff it and glue the opening together (if you fold it in before gluing, it looks better). Otherwise…
Take your cord and glue it to the inside seam, and repeat on the other side.
Voila! There you have it! Your party-going guests can make this as an activity (as said in the craft title) or it can be décor (the pillow, that is)… or it can be a gift to the birthday girl!

​DIY #4: Emoji Photobooth (activity #2 and/or décor)

what you will need:
– scissors
– markers (red and black)
– cardstock (yellow and white)
– pipe cleaners (or chenille sticks if you want it to be fancy)
The first step to the photobooth is the frame. Fold the piece of white paper/cardstock in half, and then cut out another rectangle leaving a space around it. The space is what we’re going to use as the frame.
Unfold the paper and tape a pipe cleaners to the two long sides.
Write a hashtag at the bottom (#iloveemojis #emojisareawesome).
Next, for an emoji mask!
Use a CD or DVD to trace a perfectly sized circle (trace the outside, not the smaller hole).
Fold in half and cut holes for the doll’s eyes and mouth – this might take a few tries. Tip: use a hole punch to start the eye holes – make sure to measure!
​Unfold and tape half of a pipe cleaner to each side.
Next, for accessories.
Use the rectangle you cut out to draw and color heart eyes (measure with the doll), sunglasses, and different smiles.
Ready to see what it looks like?


Here’s Julie modeling the mask…
And Katie and Elly getting ready to pose for…
And emoji snapshot!
Here’s an up-close of Elly.
And Julie!
Remember, if you would rather not do the frame, use PicMonkey and their Polaroid editing.
Bonus Idea: A Sweet Little Snack
Mini M&Ms are not only amazing delicious, but they’re also perfect doll size! You can also make little candies out of clay, but I had these on hand, so I figured they’d be perfect!
Guests can snack on them…
And they’re wonderful photo props!
That’s all for today, wonderful readers! I hope you’re looking forward to tomorrow! I’m excited – what about you? If you’d like to send pictures of your party that you host using any of these ideas, I’d love to hear from you at
See you tomorrow!
~ Light4theLord
😀  😀  😀  😀
​What did you think?!  I would totally want to go to this party!  If you have made this party, you can email me three pictures and a few sentences with your name and your blog name (if you have one).  My email address is, .  I will be posting them at the end of the week on my blog.  Thank you so much Light4theLord for doing this week in Camp Crafters!  Bye!
Light4theLord & kaitlynrh1

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