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Camp Crafter Day 10: Popcorn & Pizza, Pillows & Paparazzi – Party! ~ DIY Doll Party


Hi!  Welcome back to the tenth day of Camp Crafters!  I hope that you have enjoyed it so far!  Today, Light4theLord will be showing you how to make a doll sleepover party!  Have fun! 😀~~~~~~~

Sleepover Party1

Hey there!
Welcome back to Camp Crafters, hosted this week by Dolls N’ All!
So, are you ready to know what we’re doing? Oh yeah.. I guess that photo above kinda gave it away, eh?
Anyways, today’s post is a little different. Did you know how annoying rain can be? I was expecting a nice, sunny, warm day so that I could to the Boho- I mean, another party. Anyways, it’s raining…. and raining…. and raining… and raining.. do you get the idea yet?
Anywaaays, today’s photos are taken from the fashionista of the family (Julie, of course!) and her birthday party that was last month.
We’ll be posting photos and giving you behind the scenes ideas and crafts!
Let’s shoot!
Sleepover Party2
DECOR #1 – The Cloth Trick
Since this is part fashionista, part sleepover/movie marathon, and part red carpet, and part designer…. then use scraps of cloth to drape over places for décor! Or, roll it up and stick it in a hatbox like I did. XD Hey, my doll bedroom didn’t have good lighting then!
Sleepover Party3
DECOR #2 – The Sparkle Banner
Birthday banner, again! Use sparkly foam and cut out the letters, and then use the technique from yesterday’s craft (except that it might be better if you use glue if you have thin letters like I did).
Sleepover Party4
ACTIVITY #1 – Which AG Actress Am I?
This is a fun game to play with others… well, that is, if they know AG movies.
Of course, the dolls do… right?
Then write out the names of the actresses, the name of her character, and the name of the movie on a small slip of paper. Provide the party going guests with tape (to tape to the back of the shirt) and fold the papers and slide them into a hat (or bowl, or whatever you wish).
Sleepover Party5
Then, have the guests ask each other ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions (pretty much just questions that can be answered with a yes or no).
“Am I a GOTY?” (if yes, that narrows it down to six)
“Am I a historical character?” (if yes, that narrows it down to, um… a lot.)
Sleepover Party6
“Do I have brown hair?” (okay, the hair color one can be a trick question if you’re an AG fact bluff. Why? Because Sydney Fullmer’s hair was dyed – she played Saige.)
And more.
Sleepover Party7
ACTIVITY #2 – Star Signatures
This one is fun. Print out black and white photos (if you have a color printer, then go right ahead) of each party guest…..
Sleepover Party8
.. and have each guest practice their star signature! (pencils can be made out of a toothpick and washi tape)

Sleepover Party9

Ta-da! Here’s our gallery of star signatures (yes, there are doubles of some)!

Sleepover Party10

GIFT #1 – Button Designing


Simply cut out a shape of a tree and add itty-bitty buttons with hot glue! I wrote ‘inspire’ on the side, but you can write anything or leave it blank.

Sleepover Party11

GIFT #2 – Dress Form


Woah. Now I think this is probably the best craft I’ve ever made.

And, since this is my post (mwahahaha) I’ll share my story.

While prepping for Julie’s birthday, I saw Sophie at Project AG Runway show a picture of a dress form that she got at Hobby Lobby. How perfect! I was going there that afternoon. I search the entire place, and finally asked a lady who worked there who was shelving stuff with two guys. I ask her where there might be a small dress form, and she was thinking. The guys asked what I was talking about – I’m not kidding, she replied, “It’s like a statue… without legs… or arms.. or a head.” XD

She led me to an odd wire one, and then a jewelry stand that was $30. That’s just crazy.

I didn’t think I had enough time to make one, seeing as how I had to shoot the story that evening. Whoops. Nothing like last minute, eh?

So, I finally resorted to ‘I’ll try’. Guess how much I made it for?


No kidding.

You’ll need plastic grocery bags, a wooden knob, a wooden candlestick, felt, and a hot glue gun.

The wooden knob was like, eighty cents (it was on ‘clearance’ from a dollar. XD), the candlestick was a dollar, and the patterned felt was a dollar (take or give a couple of cents for each one).

Sleepover Party12

Paint the knob and the candlestick black, and then wrap and knot the plastic bags over and over, repeating with a LOT of plastic bags (no kidding, this nearly exhausted our stash. Thank goodness we went shopping that day!). Oh, and I forgot to mention that if you have clear packing tape, tape over the plastic bags to make it smoother and tighter. I literally placed it against a doll to make it roughly the same size so that I could really put doll clothes on it. It works! Hot glue the felt on afterwards. Hot glue the knob to the top, and the candlestick to the bottom (well, duh.). It took some stiff cardboard to keep the candlestick on the plastic bags firmly and keep it standing.

Sleepover Party13

ACITVITY #3 – Movie Posters


This is a fun one that uses AG catalogs!

Sleepover Party14

Oh, and some cardstock. Cut the cardstock into eighths (I think) and then cut backgrounds from the AG catalog and paste on with a glue stick (yes, I am an AG catalog hoarder. I love making crafts out of them!). Find words and pictures from the catalog to add to create your very own movie poster! (markers also come in handy)

Sleepover Party15

This one was Madi’s (the dancer). I actually made up the movie plot for this one.

Wanna hear it? If not, just keep scrolling. I’m on a roll.

Kailea Brooks. Everyone thinks the name is familiar, but only because her perfect older sister is legendary – the Dolympian-to-be gymnast, and the GOTY 2012 at ten. Kailea, the dancer, feels like the amazing, the wonderful, and the incredible McKenna is casting an impossible shadow and leaving too big of footsteps. Would their parents ever be proud of Kailea? Kailea works harder than anyone she knows so that her parents would be proud of her ballet and good grades.

Then, two years later, Kailea, after skipping several intermediate classes and almost getting to pointe several years early, is pulled out of ballet and tossed into a gymnastics class that she hates. Why does everyone think she has to be like McKenna? Everyone compares her to that wonderful first child. In her anger and frustration, Kailea decides to throw everything she has into the sport, putting her own twists on everything.

When the 2020 Dolympics roll around, Kailea is sixteen and McKenna is eighteen. They’re both phenomenal gymnasts, and they’re both accepted onto the USA team.

In the individual events, Kailea wins gold in beam and uneven bars because of her amazing gracefulness, flexibility, balance, and precision. And then… McKenna grabs the gold in the vault and on floor because of her bold, brassy moves and incredible strength and speed.

Then the unthinkable happens. Kailea is taken with another girl from the team to enter the all-around. McKenna is furious and takes Kailea to the back.

“How could you do this to me?” McKenna demanded angrily.

“Do what?” Kailea retorted, feeling the ever-resent strain on their relationship growing tenser with each moment.

“You know this is my dream. Not yours! And then you just decide to drop ballet, waltz in on my  thing, and steal my spot to compete for the all-around! Dad and Mom are already prouder of you than of me, ’cause you’re the perfect child with the perfect form and the perfect grades and the perfect room. I try so hard to be good enough for them! Why can’t you see that you should just stick to your own stuff?” McKenna started crying, hot tears falling from her cheeks.

“What do you mean, Kenna?” Kailea gaped. “I never ever wanted to be in your silly gymnastics. Don’t you know that ballet and being the best dancer on pointe is my dream? Why should I want to be the Dolympian all-around gymnast? I hate gymnastics, and it doesn’t mean a thing to me. I’ve just been trying to get out of your shadow this entire time and you’re the perfect one. Mom and Dad are always raving about their amazing elder daughter. I never wanted to be a gymnast. Dad and Mom pulled me out of my dream, when I was almost into pointe, to shove me into yet another alley of ‘Kenna’ shadows.”

Alright, back to the crafting world. Sorry about that. 🙂 My writing stuff gets a little overboard sometimes!

Sleepover Party16

ACTIVITY #4 – Design a Dress


This is for the big part of the party. Print out the below printable.

Please note that this is a file belonging to American Girl when they did their Isabelle promotion. I downloaded it when they offered it and used it in the above photo.
Sleepover Party17

Have each guest design a dress, and then make it!

Tip – doll dresses can take a split second. Find a baby skirt at a thrift store (or from your baby sister XD) and turn it inside out. Slide it onto your doll and mark where it best fits her. Sew the seam down the middle (still inside out), cut off the excess, and turn it into a dress or skirt!

Sleepover Party18

DECOR/ACTIVITY – Hairstyling Salon


This little spot needs to be decked out with hairthings, rubber bands, bobby pins, ribbons, bows, hairbrushes, and a spray bottle.

Check out Cute Girls Hairstyles for some gorgeous hairstyling tutorials.

Sleepover Party19

DECOR/ACTIVITY – Red Carpet Runway


For a red carpet runway to walk, find a bed or table and drape red fabric over it. That simple, no joke!

Sleepover Party20

Julie’s dress, above, is made using the baby skirt tip (except it’s actually a size 5 so that it’d look like a red carpet dress).

Sleepover Party21

FOOD #1 – Popcorn


I actually, ahem, used real popcorn. But to make the holder, use those little red cups from Dollar General (eight for a dollar, I think) and cut strips of white ribbon and glue on at intervals. I ‘borrowed’ my sister’s gold paper, cut out a plaque, and wrote ‘POPCORN’ in red pen.

Another idea for food in covering a cake, lid, or wooden/plastic blocks with white frosting and then add a red strip down the middle. Find a little plastic girl (Playmobil works wonderfully) and stand her in the middle. Write ‘AMERICAN GIRL’ over and over on a piece of paper and stick it behind the girl. Ta-da! (If you want lights, use chocolate chips and put yellow frosting on the bottom – stick the tips into the frosting)
Sleepover Party22

For the movie part, use a laptop or tablet (if using a laptop, simply drape fabric over the keypad) and play real AG movies or trailers!

Beds can be made out of pillows and blankets. (wow, so creative! XD)

Also, folding a rectangle of fabric in half and hot gluing down the side can create a sleeping bag.


I hope you enjoyed today’s post! 🙂

Tomorrow’s will hopefully be a little better. Or maybe not, it depends on if this annoying rain disappears. *Sigh* See you tomorrow anyways!

~ LIght4theLord


​What did you think?!  I would totally want a party like this!  If you have made this party, you can email me three pictures and a few sentences with your name and your blog name (if you have one).  My email address is, .  I will be posting them at the end of the week on my blog.  Thank you so much again Light4theLord for doing this week in Camp Crafters!  Bye!
Light4theLord & kaitlynrh1






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  1. Ok, I was randomly scrolling through old posts and read this one, AND I WAS LIKE AHHHHH WHAT AN AMAZING CRAZY STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!! about McKenna I mean. XD BUT I LOVE IT. L4TL did an awesome job! P.S. Do you like to write, Kaitlyn?

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