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Camp Crafters Day 12: How To Make A Harness


Hello, and welcome back to Camp Crafters!  Sorry that this post is a little late…  I was at a waterpark with Miri’s family yesterday (Small Dolls Big Hearts ), it was tons of fun!  Okay, now back to the post.


Here’s today’s post! I hope you like!


At the camp I go to every year there is a rock wall, high ropes course, zip-line, and a high ropes swing. They all use the same kind of harness.

I thought it would be cool to have a harness for the dolls so they could do that too.

Here’s how to make one:

You will need:

Ribbon, (I used a thicker kind and a thinner kind. )

A clip,

A buckle,



Start by wrapping the ribbon around the doll’s waist, overlapping it a bit.


Wrap the ends of the ribbon around a buckle, and glue it down.


Wrap the ribbon around your doll’s leg like this, and glue it to the belt.


It should look like this when you take it off.

Make a loop for the other leg and glue it into place.


Glue a piece of thinner ribbon from the leg loop to the belt.


Glue a piece of that same ribbon from the other leg loop to the belt, crossing it over the first one.

Clip a clip or carabiner to the front (Or back) of the belt, and the harness is done!

Your doll can use the harness in anything you can dream up to make, but I clipped it to a rope (Tied to a tree) so she could go rock climbing.




What do you think?  Please tell us in the comments down blow.  If you have made this craft, you can email me three pictures (or less) and a few sentences with your name and your blog name (if you have one).  My email address is, .  I will be posting them at the end of the week on my blog.  Thank you so much Lexie for doing this week in Camp Crafters!  Bye for now!



Lexie & kaitlynrh1


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