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Camp Crafters Day 14: How To Make A Hot Air Balloon


Hi, and welcome back!  Today Lexie, will be showing us how to make a hot air balloon for your dolls.  Enjoy!


I’ve made hot air balloons before, but I thought it would be fun to try to make another one that actually looks good.

We had a little girl come over to my house for awhile, and she loved playing with the balloon, lifting it up and saying “Whooosh!”


Are you ready to get started? 

Here’s what I used (If you don’t have an item, substitute what you have)

Long balloons, (I used balloons meant to be blown up and let go to fly around, but balloons meant to be twisted up into shapes would work just as well, probably better.)

Bamboo sticks,





Duct tape,

A box,

Hot Glue,


Blow up enough balloons to make your hot air balloon envelope, (The part that holds the rest up) either with a pump or your mouth.


Tape the balloons together in groups. (I did groups of two)


Now tape the groups together into a balloon shape.


This is optional, but I found it easier to hold the balloons together. Twist pipe cleaners around the tops (Or bottoms if the tops of your balloons don’t have something you can twist pipe cleaners around on them) of the balloons to hold the top together better.


Mix up glue and water in a bowl, so that the glue is thinner, but not too runny.


Rip up paper into little bits. (I used old scholastic flyers that we have lots of.)


Dip the paper in the glue-water, or use a paintbrush to brush glue-water onto the balloons. Put a piece of paper onto the balloon. It’s good to have lots of towels handy for this. The gluey paper is called paper mache.


Cover the entire balloon structure up to the pipe cleaners, with multiple coats if needed.


I have a hook on my ceiling, so I hung the balloons on in while the paper mache was drying. I made sure to have towels everywhere the glue could drip.


Once it’s dry you can pop the balloons and take them out. Once the balloons are gone, tape plastic or something that will hold up paper to the top. Then you can cover the plastic with paper.


Once you have as many layers as you would like, paint the balloon. I had to seal it with glue also to keep the paint from cracking and falling off.


For the balloon basket (The part that holds the people) find a big box the size you want. I used a scholastic book box. Cut one corner and the bottom edge to the right of the cut corner, making a flap/door. Either duck tape the tops flaps together or cut them off.

Paint the box, seal it if you need to, and glue bamboo sticks in the corners to hold up the balloon. You can glue the bamboo to the balloon, or leave it off for easier storage.

Add something to hold the door shut if you want, and you are done!




What do you think?  This is a really creative craft. 🙂 ❤  If you have made this craft, you can email me three pictures (or less) and a few sentences with your name and your blog name (if you have one).  My email address is, .  I will be posting them at the end of the week on my blog.  Thank you so much Lexie for doing this week in Camp Crafters!  Bye!


Lexie & kaitlynrh1


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