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Camp Crafters Day 15: How To Make An Adventure Trail Bike


Hi!  Welcome back to Camp Crafters!  Today is Lexie’s last day. 😦  She has done some pretty amazing crafts!  Please tell her in the comments what your favorite crafts are that she has made.  I hope you will enjoy this post!


Doll bikes can be expensive, so wouldn’t it be great if you could make one? Here’s my tutorial for making a bike for any size doll.

My bike

You might look at this and think: ‘That’s really cool, but making it would be as expensive as buying one.’ However, it really isn’t. I used only what I had, and it turned out just fine. I do have a lot of craft supplies since I craft a lot, and I’ll list where you can buy each item, but use what you have. If you don’t have something, use something similar.

Let’s get started!

What you will need:

Foam board (You can buy this at most craft supply stores, dollar stores, Walmart, etc)


Foam padding (Bought at Hobby Lobby, and stuffing would work also)

Foil tape (But foil or duck tape would work too)

Some kind of sticks or dowels, (I used Bamboo found at Michaels)

LOTS of hot glue (It has to be hot glue or it won’t work, and you will need a LOT.)



Start by cutting a piece of foam board and bending it into a circle the size you want the wheels to be. This will be the outer rim .Cut two of these.

That little peice

Cut a little piece of foam board and bend it into a circle. Make sure a piece of Bamboo rotates easily through it. We will call this the spoke circle.


Cut eight pieces of bamboo to be the spokes the same length and glue them to your little foam board circle. Make sure the ends are all even and reinforce the middle with lots of hot glue.

Putting the spokes in

Glue the spokes to your outer rim. I glued one of the spokes and held it till it dried, then moved to the next one. Glue the ends of the outer rim together.


Add lines of hot glue on the outer rim for ‘traction’ if you would like. If you want to paint it, this would be the best time.

The wheels are now finished.



For each pedal cut a piece of foam board the size you want your pedal to be. Add lines of hot glue on one side of each.

Foil pedals

Cover each foam board piece with foil tape.

Glue idea

Cut the tips off of a toothpick. Squeeze a bit of glue on something that the glue will come off easily. (I used the backing from my foil tape.) Wait for it to flatten out a little bit, then stick one end of your toothpick in the glue and hold till it dries. When it’s dry, peel the toothpick and glue off. I am going to call this method the ‘gluing method’ for the rest of this post.

Gluey pedals

Use scissors to make a ridge in the middle of each pedal piece. Make sure that when you put the pieces together, glue side out, the ridges line up. Put glue on the pedal pieces and stick them together. Make sure there is a hold where the ridges are. Stick your toothpick through that hole, making sure the pedal spins easily around the toothpick, and trim the glue if need be.

More gluey

Stick the end of the toothpick that sticks out into a glob of glue, just like you did for the other side.

Finished pedals

The pedals should are finished. (Except that in this picture I hadn’t glued the other side of the one pedal-oops)

The peadals spin

Glue one end of each pedal to a piece of bamboo sticking up. (The bamboo should be the same length for both pedals.)

Pedal contraption

Cut an oval out of foam board and use a pencil to make a hole through it. Glue one of the bamboo pieces attached to it’s pedal to a piece of bamboo, going through the hole in the oval. Glue the other bamboo piece attached to it’s pedal to the bamboo through the foam board, going opposite the other pedal (One pedal should be up, the other down.) This whole thing is the ‘pedal contraption’

Your pedals are done.


Starting the bike seat

Cut out a bike seat shaped piece of foam board. Trace it on foam padding, and cut that out too.

seat covering

Cover your foam piece with cloth, gluing it down at the bottom.

Bike seat base

Use the gluing method on a long stick of bamboo. Poke a hole with a pencil through the bike seat shaped foam board piece. Stick your bamboo through the hole. The glue at the top will keep it from falling through. This long piece is the bike seat pole.

Bike seat

Glue the cloth covered foam on top of the foam board and bamboo, nice side up.

Your bike seat is finished.


Gluing bamboo

Cut a little piece of bamboo to go inside both spoke circles. We will call this ‘the little part’ Make sure it turns easily around the little part. Glue a longer piece of bamboo to the little part.

Making it spin

Stick the little part through the spoke circle.It spins!

Glue another long piece of bamboo to the other end of the little part.

Closing it up

Trim the ends to just over the wheel. Glue a piece of bamboo over the tops of the bamboo. This will be the front wheel piece. Make sure the wheel still spins. This wheel is the front wheel.

Gluing it bigger

For the other wheel use the glue method on one end of the little part. Stick the little part through the spoke circle. It won’t go all the way through because of the glue. Carefully use the glue method on the other end of the little part. When you peel the glue off make sure the wheel still spins around the little part.

Half done

Glue two long pieces of bamboo on each side to the glue on the ends of the little part. These will be called ‘the bike seat long pieces’ Use the bike seat  pole to measure how long you want it to be. Glue beads or short pieces of bamboo to the ends of the bike seat long pieces, sticking towards the bike seat. Now glue the beads to the bike seat pole.

How to attatch the pedal contreaption

Carefully split the end of the bike seat pole. Glue the foam board on the pedal contraption into the slit on the bike seat pole.

Half plus pedals

This is what it should look like so far.


Glue three bamboo pieces together for the handlebars. Unisyckle

Glue the handlebars to a long piece of bamboo, and glue that long piece to the front wheel piece.

Getting there

Glue a piece of bamboo from the foam board on the pedal contraption to the bamboo piece connecting the front wheel and handlebars.

Now add support bars, clean it up a little bit, and you are done!

It's done!

This is what mine looks like.

*Note: My bike cannot stand up on it’s own with a doll on it, but is still great for playing with.

Walking the bike



What do you think?  This is a really cool craft!  If you have made this craft, you can email me three pictures (or less) and a few sentences with your name and your blog name (if you have one).  My email address is, .  I will be posting them at the end of the week on my blog.  Thank you so much Lexie for doing this week in Camp Crafters, we really appreciate it!  Bye!


Lexie & kaitlynrh1


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