Camp Crafters Day 17: Printable Slopers

Hi!  Welcome back to Camp Crafters!  Today, Chloe is going to show us how to make slopers!  Enjoy!
Hello! Welcome back to the second day of fashion!!! lol Ok today we have some things called slopers! They are an exact fit of a person and are how designers make patterns. They are really useful!!!

You will need, colored card stock, the printable, scissors, and a glue stick!!!
Start by cutting out your printable and glueing it to the card stock. Then, cut it back out again!! lol
Repeat this process several times until you have a nice, sturdy finish. You can coat it with a layer of Mod Podge to seal it if you want!
You are all done!! Hope you enjoyed!!
What do you think?  Please tell us in the comments down below!  If you have made this craft, you can email me three pictures (or less) and a few sentences with your name and your blog name (if you have one).  My email address is, .  I will be posting them at the end of the week on my blog.  Thank you so much Chloe for doing this week in Camp Crafters, we really appreciate it!  Bye!
Chloe & kaitlynrh1

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