Camp Crafters Day 18: DIY Designer Essentials

Hi, and welcome back to Camp Crafters! Chloe is going to show us how to make designer essentials for our dolls, enjoy!
Hello! And welcome back to another episode of camp crafters! Today and tomorrow we will be making some designer essentials and these ones go in the studio!

Ok so you will need:
Q-tips, paper, card stock (ok get used to the fact…. you will need card stock for all my crafts!!!! LOL) a hot glue gun, string or thread, buttons, and markers. There are three crafts today don’t worry!!!

Cut all the Q-tips into small 3/4 inch pieces! And fold and glue some paper together and cut out circles for the top of the spool of thread.
Put some glue on the end of the Q-tip, and glue it to the little circle of paper. Do it to the other end and you have your empty spool!!
Glue a little piece of yarn or thread and wrap around the spool. YOU ARE DONE!!!!
Ok now grab a little  container, the smaller the better. We will actually just be putting a label on it!
Stick a nice little label on and your button box is done! Decorate it however you like! Ok now for the final design book.
Ok now cut out a small square of colored paper.
Cut out A LOT of little sheets for you book that will fit in the cover.
Stack them all together evenly and pipe some hot glue along the edge and stick it right in the spine of the cover. You now have a nice little book!
Decorate it however you like~ This is kinda how mine looks so I wanted to replicate it! Here is the back…
LOL!!! Hope you enjoyed!!! See you tomorrow,
These are so cute!  What do you think?   If you have made these crafts, you can email me three pictures (or less) and a few sentences with your name and your blog name (if you have one).  My email address is, .  I will be posting them at the end of the week on my blog.  Thank you so much Chloe for doing this week in Camp Crafters!  Bye for now!
Chloe & kaitlynrh1

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