Camp Crafters Day 20 (Finally): DIY Runway

Hi, guys!¬† Welcome back¬†to the last¬†day of Camp Crafters. ūüė¶¬† I just want to say to everyone, thank you so much for participating, and for the crafters for spending¬†their time to make the post and send them to me. ‚̧¬† Thank you.¬†¬†Well, lets get on with the post! ūüôā
Hello guys! Welcome to the last day of Camp Crafters! Today we are going to make a runway and design studio!!!!!!!! So you will need all of the things we made this week, a tri fold, plastic bins, extra fabric, and anything you would like to go in the design studio!! Ok so first is the Runway.
This is literally how simple this is. Spread a black side of your ti fold out and place plastic bins covered in black fabric on either side. They will be the spectator chairs. Add whatever details you like!

OK now onto the design studio! flip the trifold around to the white side. fold the sides up to create a room. Take those two bins and stack them on top of one another and cover them with fabric to create the desk!
Add all the things you made!!! I would have shown you how to make the machine, but that thing was hard to figure out! Get some food in there, pictures, inspiration boards, fabric, clothes, designs, anything! Make it a design heaven.
Hope you enjoyed guys!! It has been a pleasure to teach you guys this week!!
This is so cute! ūüôā¬† If you have made¬†any of the crafts, you can email me three pictures¬†(or¬†less)¬†and a few sentences with your¬†name and your blog name¬†(if you have one).¬† My email address is, .¬† I will be posting them at the¬†end of the week on my blog.¬† Thank you so much¬†everyone¬†for doing¬†a week in Camp Crafters, I really appreciate it!¬† Bye!
Chloe & kaitlynrh1

3 thoughts on “Camp Crafters Day 20 (Finally): DIY Runway

  1. Nice! Cool idea! Will you be doing Craft Camp next year?? I hope so!
    Hey and I will miss you till September! Congrats on your new horse!!!!!!!!!
    Will you be posting on your other sites?

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