News And A Bunch Of Updates!

Hey, everyone!  Welcome back to my blog.  First of all, I’m so sorry for not posting anything for a while. 😦  But while I wasn’t posting I was doing school, being outside and making updates on my blogs!  First I’ll be showing you guys the updates.


 I first updated the Want A Guest Post? page.  I also added a new image, here it is:

Want a guest post_

Isn’t it cute?!


Blog I love

Next I updated my Blogs I Love ❤️ page!  A lot of the blogs people changed their names or deleted them so I deleted or fixed them, I also added new ones!  If you don’t see your blog up there, please let me know!



I also updated the Camp Crafters and AG Crafts pages!  So go check them out because they have tons of crafts on them.


Kaits AG Crafts Blog Button

I also constantly update the Blog Buttons page, so if you want to swap buttons with me I’d be happy to with you! 😉


Gabby P

Next I updated Meet My AG Dolls And Pets page.  I took a ton of new pictures of this page!



I made this brand new page called More AG Fun!  It has all my fun posts and stuff like that on it.  I hope you like it!


Updates 2

I also updated my profile!  I really like the picture I took of me. 🙂



I now have 162 followers!  THAT’S CRAZY!  THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!  You guys are awesome!



Related image
Not my photo


Okay, I think that’s it for updates!  Now for the news.  In a few days me and my family are going to the American Girl store in Minneapolis!  Yeah!  I’m bringing Maggie with me.  I’m going to get her ears pierced and get Gabby glasses!  I can’t wait!  So I won’t be posing for a while.  So that’s the news!  I’ll also be taking a bunch of pictures of her and Minneapolis!



Thank you guys for following me and taking the time to read!  I hope you enjoy this post.  Bye for now!


kaitlynrh1 signoff


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