Our Generation Pet Bunny Review


Hey guys!  Today I’m going to be reviewing the new Our Generation Pet Bunny set which you can get in Target!


You can get a bunny set, a bird set, a kitten set, a ferret set, a guinea pig set and a turtle set!  As you can see, I got the bunny and bird.  And the bird is for my little sister, puppykittenlover, as a stocking stuffer!  I believe they retail for $8.00 but I don’t know for sure because they were on sale and I can’t find there real prices online.


Okay!  So the first thing in this set is this adorable bunny!  This bunny is really soft and has cute eyes.  And I have decided to name her Clover!  Puppykittenlover helped me come up with the name for her. 🙂


Next are these food items!  It comes with two pieces of lettuce, a food bowl and a really big carrot and the carrot is flexible.


The last thing this set comes with is this big bag of bunny food!  It is filled with styrofoam to make it look full.


This set is perfect for any pet loving doll!

Image result for four and a half stars

Over all, I would rate it four and a half stars.

What did you think of this set?

Do you think you’ll get this set?

Bye! 😀





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