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Make Your Pet A Valentine’s Day Headband


Hello you doll lover!  Do you have a pet for your doll?  If so, you have to make this for her!  It’s a really simple heart headband for your pet.  Here’s how you make it!

Supplies you’ll need:

Pipe cleaners

A ruler




And your doll pet!


So first take your pipe cleaner and measure it around your pet’s head.  Next, take more pipe cleaner and cut it a little over one and a half inches.  Cut two of them.


Then take your little antennas and twist them around the base of your headband, like so.


Then cut out two little hearts.



Take your tape and make it into a little tube and slide it onto both of your antennas.

Then take your hearts and stick them onto the tape!


There you have it!  This is a super cute and easy craft to get your pets looking super festive!  Bye!


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