How I Clean My Dollhouse


Hey guys!  So I’ve been wanting to do this post for a while but I just didn’t have time to do it.  So yesterday afternoon I got out my camera and took pictures of me cleaning up my dollhouse.  Yes I know, this seems like a lot of work what I’m about to show you, but I’m a pretty organized person so my dollhouse has to be perfect.  Well, let’s begin!


While I clean my dollhouse I like to listen to mixiepixie7.


So the first room I start with is Gabby and Amber’s.


But before I start cleaning/organizing, I change my dolls into their pajamas and put them to bed, that way it’s just easier to clean up their rooms.


So the first thing I do is I take all my doll clothes and shoes out of their rooms and from my storage and put them into a big pile.



So after I find all my dolls clothes I sort them into piles.  In my dolls bedrooms they each have a dresser that contains some seasonal clothes and then I keep all my dolls extra clothes or clothes that I don’t have room for in their dresser, in one of the boxes my dolls came in.  I do this with all my dolls shoes too.


Then I sort those piles into two piles like this.


Then I put the clothes away into their dressers.  This is Gabby and Ambers dresser.


Then I reposition everything in their room then I dust it.


Tada!  That’s how I clean my dolls bedroom!


Onto the bathroom!  So for the bathroom, I don’t really use it that much so it’s pretty clean.  So I only really dust it.  Also, I’m still fixing up my dolls vanity so that’s why it looks weird. 😉




So I showed you guys how I cleaned Amber and Gabby’s room so I don’t need to show you how I clean this bedroom!  I haven’t made a bed for Willa yet, so right now she’s sleeping on the floor.



Next is the living room!  For cleaning this room I take everything out and dust the floor.


Look at how many toys my dolls pets have!!! 😆





For the kitchen I pretty much dust it and organize their fridge and cabinets to make it look cleaner.



Next is the backyard.  For this room I pretty much just rearrange everything to make it look nicer.  I also just got this bench for the backyard from my aunt for Christmas!  It’s so cute!



Then for AG Way Studio I just rearrange everything, and dust it.


Also, do you like my llama?!  I got it from Target for a dollar!


And that’s you clean an American Girl dollhouse. *drops mic*


I hope you enjoyed the post!  It sure was fun to do.  Thanks for reading, bye!

Do you have a dollhouse for your doll(s)?

If so, how do you clean it?



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30 thoughts on “How I Clean My Dollhouse

  1. How I Clean My Dollhouse: i make my sister do it. XD (its mostly just putting away clothes, and things that have been knocked over. 😛 )
    Most crazily, ~Olive

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