Whatever You Try, You Can’t Change Kit// A Photo-story


Hey guys!  So the other day Amber was trying to change Kit, and you’ll find out how that turns out!  Also, sorry this post was a little late.  Well, I hope you’ll enjoy it!


“Abby!  Where are you?” I yelled.


“Oh, hey Kit!  Where are you and Abby going?” asked Amber.  “Me and Abby are going to the park with Jessica, then we’re going to get froyo after,” I replied.


“Wait,” said Amber hopping down from her bed.  “What are you wearing?  You can’t go out wearing that!”  “What do you mean?  I often wear this.  It’s plain and simple, unlike you,”  “And what’s wrong with that?  Wait, I don’t care, you need a make over!” exclaimed Amber.  “If you give me a make over, Maggie gets to give you a riding lesson,” I replied.  “Whatever.  But first, put this on!”


“Tada!  You look amazing”  “Sure, let’s go with that,” I said sarcastically.


“Here, now put this on,” said Amber.


“No.  I will not put it on, the dress is enough to make someone through up,” I said dryly.  “Well then, if you don’t put on the jacket you have to put on some make up,”


“Okay Kit, hold still…”


“Ahhh!!!!  What have you done to me?  I look ugly!”


“What do you mean, you look beautiful!” reasoned Amber.


“Get it off, get it off!!!!!”  “Fine,”


“I’m never going to let you dress me ever again!”





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