The AG Q&A Tag

The AG Q&A Tag


So Maggie will be doing todays post!  And I’m hoping it won’t be a huge disaster…  Well, here you go Maggie. *hands her the laptop*  Hey everyone!  I got nominated for The AG Q&A Tag, and Julia nominated me for this award.  Thanks Julia!  Also, Mom was going to post a craft today, but said I can take over this Wednesday instead.  Well, let’s begin!


– Create your own AG Q&A Tag button. If you don’t know how, you can skip this step.
– Thank and give a link to the blog of the person that nominated you.
– Nominate 3-5 other AG doll bloggers.
– Come up with at least five questions for the dolls that you nominate. You can include your questions on your post, or send them to your nominees.
– Do not ask any personal or inappropriate questions.
– Have your doll that was nominated answer the questions given.
– List these rules on your blog post.
– Notify the people/dolls that you nominate and send them a link to your post.


Which of your sisters do you get along with best, and why?

My favorite sister would have to be Kit!  But don’t tell my other siblings! XD  She’s super funny and really easy to get along with.  I’ve also known her the longest too.


Do you have any pets?

Yep!  Abby is my special puppy!  While I was being shipped to Mom’s house, Abby arrived their first!  So right away I was greeted with this adorable smile!


What’s your favorite food?

Tacos!  I love tacos!  Everything that’s in a taco just goes amazing together!


What is your favorite holiday?

It would have to be Christmas.  Because of the birth of Jesus, family and friends and it’s just a really fun time of year!


What is your favorite season?

Later spring.  I don’t like spring when the snow is melting, but when the snow is all gone, it’s a really pretty time to be outside!  I also love Easter. 🙂


Time to nominate!  I nominate:

Jasmine @ Delightful World of Dolls

Michelle @ The American Girl Spot

Ashtyn @ Just AG

And you!  If you want to do this tag, feel free to do it. 🙂

My questions for the nominees:

Who’s your favorite AGTuber?

What’s your favorite season?

If you could meet any GOTY doll, who would it be?

Who’s your favorite sister in your family, and why?

Do you own any pets?

Have fun, bye!







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