AG Pen Pals


Dear Ruthie,

How are you?  I’m great!  Spring is right around the corner, so I’m spring cleaning right now.  The house looks fresh and has some Easter decorations up already.  Willa has been sick lately, spring flu, so we’re trying to stay as far away from her as possible…  But besides Willa, we are all doing great.  I’ve been outside with my horse, Puzzle, a lot and Garnet too.  I’ve also been outside with Clover, Willa’s bunny, she said she needs to go on her walks regularly…  She’s only six and she talks like that already and bunnies don’t go on walks, but she insists!  Anyways, here are my answers to your question.  I’m 13, and my best friend would probable be Grace, Mom’s friend’s doll.  Of course I watch Disney Channel!  My favorite show on it would have to be, Good Luck Charlie.  I know it’s an older show, but it’s still my favorite.  My favorite animal would have to be a horse or a llama.  My favorite movie would be, Saige Paints the Sky!  My favorite song would probable be Soul On Fire by Third Day!  It’s a song praising Jesus and it’s just a fun song.  And my favorite colour would be turquoise.  I just think it’s a super pretty colour.   My questions for you.  If you could pick out any sister from AG who would it be?  If you could make an item for AG what would it be?  What do you think of Luciana?  If you could bring a GOTY back for a few day who would it be?  What’s your favorite food?  Talk to you soon, bye!





17 thoughts on “AG Pen Pals

          1. Oh yah! For some reason your comment is in my trash folder! I’ll go approve it now…I’ll have to figure out why that’s happening because I have a lot of comments in there that I didn’t trash. :/

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