Dollarama Easter Fun Finds


Hey, doll lovers!  I recently went to Dollarama and they had all their Easter decorations out!  So of course, I had to get some. 😉  All the stuff I got was under two dollars, I believe.  Well, lets begin! 


Okay, so the first thing I found where these cute Easter baskets, and they fit the dolls perfectly!  They come in a pack of four for only $1.50, I think! XD



Up next is these cute chocolate bunnies!  They come in a pack of five for $1.25.  I always love getting these for my dolls, because they are a great basket filler.


I was super excited about getting these!  It’s little gum balls in a egg shape in egg cartons!  These are so cute!  They also fit the dolls perfectly!  They come in a pack of four for $1.25 or $1.50, I can’t remember! XD


I also got these little glitter eggs!  For a pack of one, it costs $1.50.  I got the blue eggs and the pink eggs.  These are also the same size as the gum eggs!



The last Easter themed item I got was this cute purple Peeps!  It is small enough to fit on my dolls couch.  It was $1.50, I think.  Sorry I don’t know the exact price for the items.  I went two separate times, so it was hard to remember their prices.  I also don’t have the receipts anymore.


The last thing I got was this non Easter themed item, a pack of three canvases.  They are 5″ by 7″ for $1.25.  I can’t wait to show you guys what I did with these in the dollhouse!


What was your favorite item I got?  What’s your favorite holiday?  Have a great day, bye!



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