Make Your Dolls A Magazine Organizer


Hi, you doll lover!  Today I’m back with another craft and this one is on how to make your dolls a magazine organizer!  I’ve been getting American Girl’s magazines for a few months now, and I’m really enjoying them!  So in the back of their magazines, you can sometimes find a cut out magazine you can make for your dolls, which I think is super cool.  My dolls only have two magazines so far, but we are planning on getting more.  But to store our magazines, I made a magazine organizer for them!  Here’s how you make one for your dolls.

Image result for magazine holder template
Magazine holder template I found on Google.


Supplies you need to make this craft:

The magazine holder printable



Pencil or pen

Scrapbook paper

Doll magazines


First, cut out your printable.  Then trace around it on your paper, then cut it out.


Then fold it accordingly.


Fold your bottom part too, and make sure it fits together.



Then tape it together!


Now your dolls can store their magazines nicely.  Also, sorry these pictures are dark…

Are you going to make this craft for your dolls?  Please tell me in the comments down below!






11 thoughts on “Make Your Dolls A Magazine Organizer

  1. Annabelle: THAT’S YOU?!
    Josie: YOU’RE ELLIE?!
    Violet: Mind blown…
    Kanania: That’s awesome you get your own series, err well, be the star of a series!!!
    Ruthie: Wowza! That’s awesome!

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  2. That picture of your doll, in the snow riding on a horse? Beautiful!!! Did she ever…..*gasps* ….. falll over? XD
    p.s. Cute craft too! If I do it I’ll decorate it with some washi-tape.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, justAG! Nope, but it was scary taking the pictures because it was melting so all of a sudden a bunch of snow would just fall! I bet it would look super cute with washi-tape on it. 🙂

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  3. I NEED one of these for my dolls…so I will be making one eventually. I have tons of mini AG mags hanging around my room, and they have no specific place to put them! Now they will! 🙂

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    1. Hehe! Glad I could help with the problem! XD Do you still get the magazines? If so, is it every other magazine that comes with a mini magazine or is it random?


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