The Craft Tag


Hello!  We just got nominated for The Craft Tag!  Thank you so much, Graice, for nominating us!  Also, spring break is next week, so Mom is hoping to take some springy pictures outside. 😉  Let’s get into the post!


Also, Coconut, is here to help me answer some of the questions. ❤

The Rules

Answer 5 questions

Create 5+ new questions

Tag people


Favorite craft you’ve ever made?

Ummm….  I don’t really have one that Mom’s made!  They are all pretty cute. ❤


Worst craft you’ve ever made?

That’s kind of hard.  Mom’s had quite a few fails with some ideas!  Probably, a doll kitchen.  She made it when she just started out crafting and it didn’t turn out that well!


What are a few of your favorite craft materials?

Mom really likes working with foam, cardboard and wood.


Which do you prefer: crafting or sewing?

Crafting, for sure!  Mom can’t sew…  I know how to, but she won’ take make help…


You are told to craft a bed for your doll/stuffie only using three materials, besides a pair of scissors. What three things do you chose?

To make the bed, take the box your doll came in, paper and some felt!


Time to tag people!

Doll the Time





And you!  If you’re artsy and creative, you should definitely do this tag. 🙂


My questions for the tagged!

Do you have a crafting area?

What do you enjoy making for your dolls?

What’s your favorite crafting material?

Crafting or sewing?

Where do you get your ideas for your crafts?



That’s it!  I hope you guys enjoyed the post, bye!  Say bye coconut, she says bye too.  Okay, bye, again!





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