A Change Of Plans // A Easter Special


“Gabby!  Guess what?!” shouted Amber.


“Is it that your friends went to Starbucks without you again?”


“Uh, no.  What I’m meaning to say, is that today’s Easter!


But the best part is, is that Jessica and Kendall are coming over for the first time in a long time!”


“I totally forgot!  I can’t wait to see our cousins again!  Especially Kendall, I bet she and Willa will get along great!” replied Gabby.


Meanwhile, Maggie and Willa were dying eggs in the kitchen.


*ding dong* “Amber!  Please get the door!” shouted Maggie.


“Hi, Jessica and Kendall!  I’m Amber!  It’s great to finally meet you two!”  Come inside,” said Amber leading them to the living room.


“And this is the living room… Wait, what are you doing Kit?” asked Amber.  “Oh, hi, Jessica!  Me and princess are doing some therapy exercise, aren’t we Princess!” cooed Kit.


“Well, Kit, I brought Honey and Pepper along, so I hope Princess doesn’t mind dogs,” said Jessica.  “Wait, did you say dogs?  Princess is still terrified of dogs after Coconut stole her bow!”  “Well Princess better get over her fear because here they come!” shouted Jessica trying to stop the dogs.


“No Princess!  Get off of me!” shouted Kit.


“Get off of me Princess and who ever you dogs are!”


“Ow… I’m going to go get me and Princess groomed and ready again…” staggered Kit to the bathroom.


“Well, that was weird,” said Jessica.  “Really?  That was normal for our family,” said Amber shaking her head.


“I’ll go bring your dogs to the backyard,”  “Okay,” replied Jessica.


“Oh hey, Kendall!


Who’s your friend?” asked Jessica.  “This is Willa!  Did you know that we are in a few books together?” replied Kendall.  “Oh that’s cool, I guess.  I’ll go look for Gabby now,”


“Hi Gabby!” shouted Jessica as she was walking into the room.  “Hey!  How are you?  I haven’t seen you for a long time, I also heard you got a new sister!  That must be nice having someone to talk to now,”


“Yes, it’s been super nice to have someone to talk too, even though, Kendall, can be pretty annoying,”  “Tell me about it!  I was use to just two sisters, but then in one month I got two more!  You’re lucky you only have one,”


“I wouldn’t say I’m lucky, though, she keeps going on and on about…” *hiss*  “Wait, do you hear that?” asked Jessica.  “It sounds like it’s coming from the bathroom,” Jessica said walking to the bathroom, Gabby following behind her.


“Good girl, Princess!  Those mean old dogs aren’t going to bother you anymore.  You poor Princess.  You must be so traumatized,” cooed Kit. *meow*


“What in the world is she doing?” whispered Jessica.  “Oh, she’s just grooming her cat for the fourth time today,”  “Everyone, come up stairs!” shouted Maggie.


“Okay, everyone here?  Wow, that’s a lot of dolls.  Okay, so I just looked outside, and it’s raining pretty bad out there.  So the egg hunt is canceled.  I know you were all looking forward to it, but I can’t control the weather,”


“What?  But this was going to be me and Willa’s first Easter, and now we are going to have to miss it,” whined Kendall.  “I know, I know.  How about we go down stairs and get some treats out and watch a movie,”  reasoned Maggie.


Meanwhile, it was raining outside but that didn’t stop the dolls fun.


“Kendall, you can have two eggs, and I’ll take the rest and the chocolate bunny,” reasoned Willa.  “But I want to have the chocolate bunny!” argued Kendall.  “Stop arguing Kendall and Willa, just watch the movie!” said Jessica.


“Oh, yumm, Maggie!  How did you do all this last minute?” asked Kit shoving some food into her mouth.  “Let’s just say it helps when your food never disappears or gets old,”


“So, was the Easter as bad as you guys thought?” asked Maggie.  “It was great!” said Kendall and Willa at the same time. “Yay, it was pretty fun, and this movie you picked out is awesome!” said Gabby.  “I know right?!  The Goodbye is an awesome movie,” agreed Maggie.  “But we got to remember the real reason for the season.  God sent His Son Jesus, to Earth as a baby.  He lived a perfect life, but He died on to cross for our sins.  After being dead for three days, in a tomb, He rose again!  And now He lives forever!  So since He died, we can go to Heaven after we die!  He loves us so much and He wants us to spend the rest of our lives with Him.  And now, He lives forever,”


The end!



But first, you guys have to check out this video if you haven’t yet, it’s amazing! 😀


What did you guys think of this post?  I hope you guys enjoyed it!  If you have any questions on how to invite Jesus into your life, just ask in the comments down below! 🙂  Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.  And He lives!  I’ll be posting the next episode of, Runaway, tomorrow.  Happy Easter everyone! 😀



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