Runaway// Part 2


“Who are you?”  asked the girl how appeared to be my age.


“My name’s Ellie, Ellie Baker,” I said calmly even though the rest of me wasn’t.


Buddy stayed close to my side, no knowing what to do.  Buddy seemed to be in as much shock as I was right now.


“What are you doing in my house?  How did you find me?” she asked sharply.


“I got lost, but then I found this place.  I didn’t know anyone lived here.  And what do you mean, how did you find me?”


“That is not important.  But you can’t tell anyone that you found this place,”


“Okay, I guess I’ll be on my way,”  I said hoping she would let me stay.  “No, don’t leave.  It’s fine if you want to go, but it is in nice have some company,”  “Okay, but I’ll have to go back for my sister, Anna, soon,”  “That’s fine,”


Sorry this episode was kinda boring, I just needed to get it out there that Ellie is fine.  Their house in actually a old lemonade stand that my grandma made a long time ago!  The next episode will be out on April 14th, bye!



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