Make Your Doll A Blogging Set


Hey bloggers!  You’re going to LOVE this craft you can make for your 18″ doll!  It’s a doll sized blogging set!  I’ll show you how to make a laptop, memory card, green screen and where you can find a doll sized tripod.  Enjoy! 😀


I first took a screen shot of the computer, and printed off an image of a key board.  But make sure you sized it properly so it is the perfect size for your dolls.  It also might help to have one there with you so you can make it the perfect size.  Then cut it out!


Take some black foam and a sharper object like a tooth pick, and trace out the laptops size, make sure you leave some room for a touchpad.


Then indent the touchpad.


Tada!  You’re almost done.


Next I took some packing tape and placed it over the “screen”, make sure there are no bubbles.  Then fold the foam in half.


Then I just glued the keyboard and screen to the foam!


Tada!  Isn’t it cute?????


How to make a doll memory card.


So I just took some black foam and cut it into the shape of a memory card.  Then I took some white paper and cut it out the same shape as the foam.  Finally I just detailed it with some pencil crayons and glue the paper to the card base with mod podge!


So cute and little, am I right?!


My doll’s tripod is just a mini version I found at Dollarama!  I think it was maybe a dollar or a dollar twenty five, I don’t remember!  I got my dolls camera from the Our Generation Well Travelled Luggage Set.



Isn’t Jessica a beautiful model?


The final item is, a doll sized green screen!


I found this green paper at Dollarama for a dollar and it’s the perfect size for dolls!  I didn’t need to cut it at all to size the dolls.  But I still need to learn how to work green screen…


So that’s how you make a doll sized blogging set! 😀  I hope you guys enjoyed it. 🙂


What was your favorite craft?


Talk to you all soon, bye! 😀



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41 thoughts on “Make Your Doll A Blogging Set

  1. This is great! We have 3 laptops in our collection already (Lanie’s OG, and a mac mirror compact) and I’ve made additional screens for them for certain posts; your post inspired me to make screens of our own blog. Will be particularly useful for “The Year In Review” posts. Thank you!

    Also love that green screen!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. AWWWW!! The laptop and memory card are super cute!! SOOOOOO TIIIINNY! Also, I’d love it if you could check out my blog agbeyourself.

    Liked by 1 person

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