Willa’s Puddle Fun// A Photoshoot


Hello!  It’s me Willa, and today I’m going to be showing you how to find the perfect puddle to jump in.  But first, do you like my raincoat?  I think it’s adorable!


So first, you need to spot out the area.


Once you find a puddle, you stomp on over to it and say, “Hey you puddle!  Prepare to be jumped in!”


Then you run as fast as you can to the puddle.



I’m so glad that these boots are water proof, otherwise my feet would be freezing cold!



Then you continue to jump in the puddle!


Look!  It’s so fun!  Give it a try!


Then exit the puddle when you star feeling water coming in…  That’s when you know you had fun outside.  Have fun puddle jumping!






25 thoughts on “Willa’s Puddle Fun// A Photoshoot

  1. puddles puddles puddles puddles puddles puddles puddles puddles- i can’t find any puddles. i’ll just have to make one! >:D *grabs the hose*

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      1. yes it did! the outfits are so much prettier in person, i love it. 🙂 (and i like the included photos too! my dolls are going to hang them on the wall)
        Most crazily, ~Olive

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