Runaway// Part 3


Lately, I’ve been sinking in chores.  I haven’t really had time to think about getting my little sister, Anna, back.


Right now, on this cold April morning, I’m bringing the calf, Nettie, out to graze.  But lately, it’s been so wet out that the grass can’t grow properly.  So it’s hard to find a nice place for Nettie to graze where she wouldn’t get stuck.  Elizabeth, the girl who let me stay with her, has been pretty quiet lately and hasn’t been in the best of sprits lately.


“Ellie!  Ellie, I need to talk to you,” shouted Elizabeth walking up to meet me on the wet little hill.


“Are you okay, Elizabeth?  Why are you in such a rush?” I asked, with a little bit of worry in my voice.


“Oh no, everything is fine.  I just need to tell you,” she stuttered still catching her breath.  “I just think that if we are going to get your little sister back, we should do it sooner than later,”


“Really?” I couldn’t believe what she was saying!  I was finally going to get my sister back!  “You’re coming with me?  That should make it easier than.  When should we leave?” I asked.


“I think the sooner we leave, the better.  So maybe in a few days?” she replied.


“Great!  But first we need to make a plan,”


Sorry I got this out kind of late.  It’s been a really busy day.  But I had so much fun taking all the pictures, but I didn’t notice the bag I was using to carry my dolls in the background! 😛  Opps!  Well, have a great evening, bye!



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