Gabby’s Evening Walk// A Photo-shoot

Gabby's Evening Walk

Hello everyone.  It’s Gabby!  I haven’t been on this blog for a while so I though I’d make an appearance on it before you guys all forgot about me…  But now you won’t, so, you’re welcome.


The reason Kaitlyn’s or Mom’s yard looks like this is because her family is taking down their board walk and are still in the process of cleaning up, as you can see.


But I thought it made a cool background.


But while you guys are reading this post, I’m still trying to pick nails out of my feet that I stepped on.  Well, not exactly.  Mom’s feet are still sore from stepping on all the nails she encountered.


Another reason I’m glad I’m a doll!


Mom took a bunch of pictures of strange encounters I had while taking these pictures.  Like cats.  The worst animal ever.  For some reason, they think they can rub all over you.  I think they’re secretly trying to knock me over while Mom’s not looking.


Oh and this picture.  Yeah, I almost died.  Want a behind the scenes post about my near death experience?  Please request it in the comments down below.  Bye for now!





11 thoughts on “Gabby’s Evening Walk// A Photo-shoot

  1. Gabby is so cute!! YES! I’d definitely like behind the scenes photos!
    Btw did you un-follow Ag Doll Crazy? Just wondering because your picture didn’t show up.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. YES! Behind the scenes! Behind the scenes! Those pictures are so pretty, well done 🙂 yes I think cats try to secretly knock dolls over too.
    Molly: Oooooooooooh yeah… I think cats are trying to kill us dollies!
    – Katie 🙂

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