Behind The Scenes// Gabby’s Evening Walk


Since everyone wants a behind the scenes post of my near death experience, I guess I’ll give the people what they want.


Like I said in the previous post, cats are evil.  Look at those jaws!


Here I am having some pictures taken of, well, me.  Then this cat comes and rubs her everything all over me!  She has no idea what personal space is.  Well, neither does Maggie.


Such a pretty picture but then the cat ruins it.


If you thought the cat issue was bad…  This was worse…


She put me on a ladder.  And I don’t stand that nicely.  SHE ALMOST KILLED ME.  I WAS ALREADY PLANNING A TRIP TO THE DOLL HOSPITAL FOR ME.  But I’m still here!


Moral of the story, is that it’s scary being a doll.  Worse if your in Kaitlyn’s doll family.





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