DIY Fluffy Slime


Hello everyone.  It’s me, Mia!  This is the first post I’ve ever done, so hang in there. 😉


Like it says in the title, today we’re going to make fluffy slime!  This is super fun to play with and looks great on display too.  I won’t recommend letting your doll play with this, because of the dye.  But you can still pretend. 😉

Ingredients you need:

1 cup Elmer’s school glue

1 cup shaving cream

1 drop gel food coloring

1 tablespoon of corn starch

Half a teaspoon of baking soda

A few squirts of contact solution


Before I start, all the stuff I used is doll sized from Our Generation.  But if you’re using it for yourself, use people sized supplies. 😉  I first poured in my glue and shaving cream.


Next I dump in my corn starch and baking soda.  Once I mixed it, I added my contact solution.  If your slime is still sticky, add more contact solution!


Then I put a drop of gel food coloring in the bowl.  Also, while I’m mixing everything together in my doll sized stuff, nothing got stained!


And there you go!  Put it in a little sealed container and put a label on it.  This was so fun to make and super easy too.  Bye!!!



Mia Signoff With Harry


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