Collab With Mary @ Middle Mary

Middle Mary

Hello, everyone!  How’s your day going?  If it’s not going great I hope that it’ll be better tomorrow.

Me and Mary from, Middle Mary, thought it would be fun to do a collab together!  This collab is kind of based off of our new blog designs.  Let’s just get into the post, shall we?

Mary will be in the bold lettering while I’ll be in the slanted writing.


Why did you update your blog?

I just think my blog needed it. The design was old and it looked messy.

What is your favorite thing you updated?

Probably my new blog button!

What is the theme? 

The theme is, Penscratch 2.

Random: what is your favorite post you’ve posted?

That question is really hard! I really enjoy the crafts I’ve posted and the photo-shoots.

Thank you Mary so much for doing this collab with me.  It was super fun!  If you guys haven’t checked out her blog yet, you should.  Be sure to check out her part of the collab too.  What do you think of our new blog designs?  Talk to you all soon, bye!






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