A Summer Farewell Photo-shoot *Please Read*


Summer is when I like to take a little blogging break.


I don’t like having to think about my blogging schedule.


It just becomes too much work.  My favorite time to blog is in fall and winter, when it’s cold.


So I’ve decided that I’ll take that break again this year.  But before I leave, I wanted to take some summer pictures for you all.


Our town had a carnival come in this year so I had to take Kit.


I’m not totally leaving you guys, I might still check up on posts and comments.  But I just will not be posting.


What’s your favorite picture?  Also, thank you Grandma for helping me with the last three pictures!  Have a great summer!






23 thoughts on “A Summer Farewell Photo-shoot *Please Read*

        1. Oh no, I didn’t say. It’s from Walmart, the My Life As Pink Swimwear. 🙂 But I did get it three years ago, but you might be able to still find it! 😉

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