Maggie’s Pumpkin Patch ~ A Mini Photo-story

Maggie's Pumpkin Patch

Hello my people!  Are you excited for fall?  I know I am.  If you’re not quite into the fall spirit yet, I hope this little photo-story will change your mind.  Enjoy!


Today was Maggie’s first day having her pumpkin stand up and open for business.  And what a better way to start off the day with a cup of Kit’s famous pumpkin spice hot chocolate, she thought to herself as she placed her hot cup down on the chair.


As Maggie glanced over to her pumpkin she wondered how long it would take for her first customers to arrive.


“Hey Maggie!” smiled Willa as she walked up to her pumpkin stand.  “What are you selling?  Oh, are those pumpkins?” she asked.  “Yep!” Maggie said smiling back.


“Would you like one, Willa?”  “I would really like to buy one, but I don’t have any money,” she said sadly looking over at the pumpkins behind Maggie.


“Well,” Maggie started slowly, “if you could buy any pumpkin, which one would it be?”  “I really like that white one,” she said gesturing to the white pumpkin on the ground next to the orange one.


“How about I just let you have it with no charge?”  “Really?” piped up Willa.  “You mean I can just have it?  Thank you so much Maggie, you’re the best!  Just don’t tell Kit I told you that,”  “Oh I won’t, and you’re welcome,” Maggie said laughing.


“Are you sure you can carry that all the way home?  It’s a pretty big pumpkin!”  “Oh yes, I can carry it,” Willa said as Maggie handed the pumpkin to her.


“Thanks for stopping by Willa!”  Maggie might have not made any money from her first customer but she made Willa’s day, and that’s all what matters to Maggie.






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