Happy Thanksgiving From The Dolls ~2018~

Happy Thanksgiving 2018

Hello, everyone!  Kaitlyn/Mom asked me, Kit, and Willa if we wanted to do a Thanksgiving post.  So here it is.  Happy Thanksgiving!  If you didn’t know, me and Willa are now Canadians so we celebrate Thanksgiving before the Americans.


So apparently we have to include what we’re thankful for in this post.  Me, Kit, I’m thankful for cats.  Because they’re cute!  And Willa says she’s thankful for her family and her pet bunny Clover – of course!  And we’re both thankful for Jesus, too.  Because without Him, we wouldn’t even be here!


Me and Willa both agree that apple pie is our favorite dish on the dinner table, sweet and classic.  We hope you and your family have an amazing Thanksgiving, bye!


Kit & Willa




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