Caroline Then vs. Now// A Photo-shoot

Caroline Then vs. Now

So as you guys know, I swapped Caroline’s wig.  But that wasn’t the original plan that I had for Caroline.  At first when I washed Caroline’s hair it still looked the same way I had bought her.  I tried to curl it, but she was losing a lot of hair and it was extremely frizzy and it was just gross to touch.  That’s why I swapped her wig!  But like I said before, that wasn’t the original plan with her.  So because I thought I was going to keep her the same way I bought her, I did some photo-shoots with her.  Then when I swapped her wig, I was wondering what to do with those photos because she doesn’t look like that anymore.  So I was thinking and I thought of a comparison post!  And that’s what this is.  Here are some photos of what Caroline looked like before I changed her.


I love this photo of her, it’s so pretty!  And her eyes.  They’re gorgeous in this photo!  As you can tell, I’m proud of this picture.


Caroline looks pale in this photo because it’s direct sunlight.  But I still think it’s a cute idea for a photo.


The cow that’s farthest away from the screen is the cow that came with Caroline in her lot.  I then sold the cow, Garnet, in Mia’s lot.


When I was taking these pictures, you should’ve seen how long it took me to get her hair looking like this!  I took forever.


The only thing that’s different in these last two photos of Caroline is that I gave her some freckles.  But you can barley see them.


I did have some more pictures of her, but they’re not worth showing.  So the question for today is, do you prefer Caroline the original way or the way she is now?  Have a great day, bye!






9 thoughts on “Caroline Then vs. Now// A Photo-shoot

    1. I agree with you. I would have kept her how she was if she was new, because she’s very cute like that, but her hair was a huge mess when I bought her used!


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