Mini Things I Put in My Doll’s House for Fall

Mini Things I Put in My Doll's House for Fall

So if you didn’t know, I love decorating for the seasons in my dollhouse.  It’s just so fun and it always looks amazing after, in my opinion.  Fall and winter are my favorite seasons to decorate for and I’m going to show you how I decorate my doll’s house for fall, enjoy!


In my dollhouse I always love adding fall wall art, it just makes it feel more like a real home.  If you want to see how I made this wall art, click here!


Pumpkins are one of my favorite things about fall, so of course, I had to include some in my decorating.  I got this one from the Target dollar bins along with four more.


And of course, more pumpkins!  On the table, I have a little yellow and white towel that I use as a table cover to make it feel more cozy.


Then here on this shelf I have a few things that remind me of fall like hot drinks, ladybugs and leaves!  This little fall sign above the shelf me and my mom made with her Cricut!  I think it’s super cute.  Thanks again Mom for making it with me!


And that’s it!  How do you decorate for fall?  Talk to you all soon, bye!






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