~A Fall Stroll~ A Photo-shoot

~A Fall Stroll~

Hey guys!  It’s me, Gabby here.  We’ve had the weirdest weather where I live.  Snow for a week, crazy wind storms then after that rain and sleet!  It has been very weird.  But now we finally got a nice fall day, so of course, Maggie was too lazy to take Abby for a walk so I had to bring her on one.  And the camera and tripod came along, too, of course!


I really like this picture of me, but I don’t like the glare on my glasses.


I’m in love with this photo!  It’s so pretty!  Maggie told me before that Abby needed to be in front of me to make it a good photo.  Such a nice sister.


But I do have to agree, this is a pretty cute photo.  Do you think that this should be Abby’s new profile photo?  Tell me in the comments down below!


Let me tell you, it took a while to get all the dirt out of these boots.  And they aren’t even mine.  Sorry Maggie!


That’s it for this post!  Kaitlyn did have a question though, who would you like to see more of on this blog?  Me, Maggie, Kit, Willa, Amber or Caroline?  Please tell her in the comments down below.  Thanks for reading and have a great day, bye!






10 thoughts on “~A Fall Stroll~ A Photo-shoot

  1. Love all the photos! Gabby’s a beautiful doll, is her hair hard to take care of?

    Addy and Molly: Ah yes, the infamous glare on the glasses… Story of our lives 😂 #lifeasadollwithglasses

    -Katie 🙂

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    1. Gabby: Thank you so much Katie! And no, it’s not a big deal taking care of my hair. It’s actually easier than you may think! Haha, #lifeasadollwithglasses!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooh, those are so pretty! I actually sort of like the glare, you can see the fall trees with it. But I can understand how that would be annoying in other photoshoots. 😉

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