~Doll Craft~ Bar of Soap

~Doll Craft~ Bar of Soap

Hi!  I’m back today with another craft and this one is kind of random.  It’s a bar of soap!  The reason I made a bar of soap is because my dolls didn’t have one already, it’s kind of obvious!

What you’ll need for this craft:

  • Paint
  • Mod Podge
  • A clear rounded tooth brush cover – optional
  • Clay or self drying clay
  • Scissors



So this part is optional, but you can take a clear rounded tooth brush cover and cut one side of it off to make the soap dish.


Next just shape it into a soap bar shape with a little indent in the middle.  I tried to write “dolls” on the soap as if it was a brand or something, but once you paint over it, you can’t see it.


Finally I gave it a few layers of this nice blue colour and then I just covered it in Mod Podge to make it look wet and shinny.


That’s it!  It’s pretty simple and I think it looks very realistic.


Are you going to make this craft?  Have a great day, bye!






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