Get to Know Caroline

Get To Know Caroline

Hello world, my name is Caroline.  I haven’t had the chance to properly introduce myself, because Kaitlyn didn’t want me to embarrass her, but with a lot of persuading I finally got her to agree on letting me do this post.  Also beware, I’m a little sassy

Caroline's Post Photo #1

Here are some random facts about me; I’m a Christian, an apple pie lover, I’m mostly friendly, I love the outdoors, my style is funky or weird, I’m a total drama queen and I’m a figure skater!

Caroline's Post Photo #2

A few of my hobbies are sewing and crafting.  Because whenever I go to the store to get myself new clothes, I can never find any.  The struggle is real.  So I decided to make myself some of my own clothes!

Caroline's Post Photo #3

I love to sing, and I also get to irritate my sisters with it!  My pet ferret, Harry, is my biggest and sadly my only fan.

Caroline's Post Photo #4

Another thing about me is that I love makeup.  I don’t like wearing it on myself all the time, but I do like doing makeup on Amber.  She’s very grateful of me!

Caroline's Post Photo #5

Like I said before, I’m a figure skater.  And I’m the best, so don’t try to compete with me.  Thank you!


Sorry I have to go, I’m getting kicked off the computer now.  Bye!






17 thoughts on “Get to Know Caroline

  1. Nice to meet you Caroline. Are you sure you are the best figure skater? I would like to compete with you sometime *evil grin*. I think that I might beat you *haha*.

    Ignore her Caroline! Saige just thinks that she is the best at everything.

    I do not!

    Stop arguing!

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    1. Caroline: Yes, I think I’m a great figure skater. I would like to compete with you one day, and I think I’ll be able to win.

      Kaitlyn: I’m so sorry you two about Caroline. She’s a little moody.


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