Meet My AG Dolls And AG Pets


Name – Maggie

Full Name – Maggie Kait Harms

Age – 12

Favorite Color – Hot Pink

Favorite Food – Watermelon, And Tacos

Favorite Sport – Soccer And Horse Back Riding

Favorite Animal – Dolphin, Horse, Cat, Dog, And A Cow

What She Really Wants – A  Horse

Favorite Movies – American Girl “Saige Paints the Sky”

BFF – Allie

Allergies – None

Pet – Abby


Name – Kit

Full Name – Margaret Mildred Kittredge

Age – 11

Favorite Color – Green

Favorite Food – Strawberries And Cookies

Favorite Sport – Baseball

Favorite Animal – Dog, Cat, And Horses

What She Really Wants – Kit Want To Be A Reporter

Favorite Movies – Kit Kittredge “An American Girl”

BFF – Jessica

Allergies – Mold

Pet – Garnet


Name – Gabby

Full Name – Gabby Lynn Walker

Age – 12

Favorite Color – Purple And Blue

Favorite Food – Bacon, Apples, And Pizza

Favorite Sport – Horse Back Riding

Favorite Animal – Zebra, Pandas, Horses, And Elephants

What She Really Wants – Her Own Sewing Magazine

Favorite Movies – Isabelle Dances Into the Spotlight “An American Girl”

BFF – Grace

Allergies – None

Pet – Dakota





Name – Abby

Age – 2

Breed- Sheepdog

Favorite Food/Treat – Milk Bone, Bacon Bites, And Ol’ Roy Dog Food

Owner – Maggie


Name – Garnet

Age – 1/2

Breed – Red Angus

Favorite Food/Treat – Hay, Wheat, And Corn

Owner – Kit


Name – Dakota

Age – 10 Weeks

Breed – Beagle

Favorite Food/Treat –  Milk Bone Puppy, Wellness Puppy Treats,  And BLUE bits

Owner – Gabby


My Sister’s Doll’s And Pets:


Name – Jessica

Full Name – Jessica Brook Harms

Age – 11

Favorite Color – Light Blue

Favorite Food – Doesn’t Have A Favorite

Favorite Sport – Horse Back Riding

Favorite Animal – Horse, Cat, And Dog

What She Really Wants – A Baby Horse

Favorite Movies – Felicity: An American Girl Adventure

BFF – Maggie

Allergies – None

Pet – Horse


Want to know more about them?!  Please leave a comment what it is! XD

30 thoughts on “Meet My AG Dolls And AG Pets

    1. Thanks! Yes Abby is an exclusive AG pet! I got Abby from Sam’s Club and she came with an activity book, a dog house craft, little food and water dishes with a place mat, stickers, a toy butterfly that she can hold in her mouth, and the sheepdog! I got it all for $29.99. There was more pets 3 dogs, and 1 cat. 🙂

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  1. Aw, how cute! You’re blog is really great, I just found it. I love how you included the pets, and it’s awesome that you have an allergy column for all the dolls. Since I am allergic to nuts, I really liked that! I’ll be following. 🙂

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