Get to Know Caroline

Get To Know Caroline

Hello world, my name is Caroline.  I haven’t had the chance to properly introduce myself, because Kaitlyn didn’t want me to embarrass her, but with a lot of persuading I finally got her to agree on letting me do this post.  Also beware, I’m a little sassy. Continue reading “Get to Know Caroline”


~Doll Craft~ Fall Wall Art

Doll Fall Wall Art

Hello!  Guess what?  I’m going back to my blogging schedule!  Yay!  That means I’ll be posting every Sunday and Wednesday.  I’m finally caught up with my posts and now I’m finally back into the routine of things after a long summer.  For today’s post, I’ll be showing you how to make some fall wall art from your doll’s room.  This is a very easy craft, and I’m sure you have all the materials at home already! Continue reading “~Doll Craft~ Fall Wall Art”

Caroline Then vs. Now// A Photo-shoot

Caroline Then vs. Now

So as you guys know, I swapped Caroline’s wig.  But, that wasn’t the original plan that I had for Caroline.  At first when I washed Caroline’s hair, it still looked the same way I had bought her.  I tried to curl it, but she was losing a lot of hair and it was extremely frizzy and it was just gross to touch.  That’s why I swapped her wig!  But like I said before, that wasn’t the original plan with her.  So because I thought I was going to keep her the same way I bought her, I did some photo-shoots with her.  And then when I swapped her wig, I was wondering what to do with those photos, because she doesn’t look like that anymore.  So I was thinking, and I thought of a comparison post!  And that’s what this is.  Here are some photos of what Caroline looked like before I changed her. Continue reading “Caroline Then vs. Now// A Photo-shoot”