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89 thoughts on “Blogs I Love ❤️

          1. Cool! I do “our generation” for animals, and have a cute foal! I don’t have any AG dolls, but I have A LOT of AG clothes. I just find the stuff a bit expensive. No offense-I love AG and all, its just not in my price range 🙂 .

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          2. Yeah, is PicPac for the computer? And yes, the one I use is great, and for 5.99 you get a greenscreen, themes, drawing on your pictures (or videos), and other cool stuff, or for 0.99 you can get one of those features, it is great!

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          3. That is super cool! Pic Pac is on a tablet, and it is free! But its not the best! 😛 You can also use the Lego Movie Maker app and that is free too! But I will have to try that!


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