Camp Crafters

camp crafters

Camp Crafters is a collection of 18″ doll crafts made by a whole lot of awesome doll lovers!  A new themed craft was posted every day during summer.  Camp Crafters took place for two years, 2016-2017, but it ended up being too much work so we ended it off at year two.  But you can still find all of the links to the posts down below.


Year 2:

Day 20: DIY Runway

Day 19: DIY Pin Cushion & Pencils

Day 18: DIY Designer Essentials

Day 17: Printable Slopers

Day 16: Inspiration Board

Day 15: How To Make An Adventure Trail Bike

Day 14: How To Make A Hot Air Balloon

Day 13: How To Make A Macrame Doll Hammock

Day 12: How To Make A Harness

Day 11: How To Make Sunglasses Tutorial

Day 10: Popcorn & Pizza, Pillows & Paparazzi – Party! ~ DIY Doll Party

Day 9: Smiles All Around – DIY Doll Emoji Party!

Day 8: DIY Teddy Bear

Day 7: Art Set

Day 6: Doll Tote Bag

Day 5: Dollhouse Craft

Day 4: Recycled Bolivian Festival Skirt!

Day 3: Simple Iranian Doll Turban!

Day 2: Make A Perler Bead Bastille Day Necklace For Your Doll!

Day 1: Make A Proper English Top Hat For Your Dolls!


Year 1:

Day 34: Hairstyles

Day 33: Desk

Day 32: Folders

Day 31: Pencils

Day 30: Crackers

Day 29: Pillows

Day 28: Posters

Day 27: House Plants

Day 26: Picture Frame

Day 25:  Wall Clock

Day 24: Rio Flag

Day 23: Tote Bag

Day 22: Beach Chair

Day 21: Sun Glasses

Day 20: Flip-Flops

Day 19: Suitcase

Day 18: Passport & Boarding Passes

Day 17: Blue Ribbon

Day 16: Bouquet & A Certificate

Day 15: Pet Collar& Leash

Day 14:  Purr-fect Pet Posters

Day 13: Discovery Bottles

Day 12: Dream Catcher

Day 11: Fairy Garden

Day 10: Goldfish In A Bag

Day 9: Lantern

Day 8: Bird Feeder

Day 7: S’mores Cones

Day 6: Kit’s Radio

Day 5: Chocolate Mint Petite Four

Day 4: Record

Day 3: Baseball Pennant

Day 2: Jam For Kit

Day 1: Make Julie’s Egg Chair




24 thoughts on “Camp Crafters

    1. Great! 😀 So in the post saying we would do camp, I’d give my email address. So if you wanted to do it, then you would email me. Then if there’s room, you would tell me the theme you’d want to do and send me five crafts! I’d also ask when it would work for you to send me the crafts.

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