Doll Craft// Coconut Drink


Hello!  I was looking at some pictures of my trip to Cuba, and I remembered that we tried coconut milk, out of a coconut!  I mean, it tasted bad, but who knows!  Our dolls might enjoy them.  And that’s why I’m going to show you how to make a coconut drink for your dolls using very basic craft supplies.  Lets get on with the post. Continue reading “Doll Craft// Coconut Drink”


Make Your Dolls A Magazine Organizer & AG Pen Pals


Hi, you doll lover!  Today I’m back with another craft and this one is on how to make your dolls a magazine organizer!  I’ve been getting American Girl’s magazines for a few months now, and I’m really enjoying them, and I’m 13… XD  So in the back of their magazines, you can sometimes find a cut out magazine you can make for your dolls, which I think is super cool.  My dolls only have two magazines so far, but we are planning on getting more.  But to store our magazines, I made a magazine organizer for them!  Here’s how you make one for your dolls. Continue reading “Make Your Dolls A Magazine Organizer & AG Pen Pals”