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Make Your Dolls A Valentine’s Day Party & AG Pen Pals


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!  I honestly don’t care for the holiday except for the chocolate 😀 but my dolls seem to love it! 😉  So today I’m going to show you how I set up their house for Valentine’s Day! Continue reading “Make Your Dolls A Valentine’s Day Party & AG Pen Pals”

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The AG Q&A Tag & AG Pen Pals

The AG Q&A Tag


So Maggie will be doing todays post!  And I’m hoping it won’t be a huge disaster…  Well, here you go Maggie. *hands her the laptop*  Hey everyone!  I got nominated for The AG Q&A Tag, and Julia nominated me for this award.  Thanks Julia!  Also, Mom was going to post a craft today, but said I can take over this Wednesday instead.  Well, let’s begin! Continue reading “The AG Q&A Tag & AG Pen Pals”