A Summer Farewell Photo-shoot *Please Read*


Summer is when I like to take a little blogging break. Continue reading “A Summer Farewell Photo-shoot *Please Read*”


No Camp

Yes.  I’m sorry to say that there is no camp this year.  It seemed like half of you guys wanted camp and half didn’t.  I’m sorry, but I do have some summer posts coming soon. 🙂  Sorry again. ❤ Continue reading “No Camp”

Help Me Pick A Name For Our New Studio!


Hello!  I’m Kit if you didn’t already know that already! 😛 I haven’t been on this blog at all lately so I’ll be doing todays post! I also have exciting news to share with you guys!  If you don’t know where I am right now, I’m in our BRAND NEW studio!  It’s so cool!  In this post I’m going to show you guys what’s all in it and what it looks like.  Also, stick around for the end of this post.   Continue reading “Help Me Pick A Name For Our New Studio!”