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What Do You Think Of Camp Crafters?

So, what do you think of me doing Camp Crafters this year?  Would you be interested in singing up if I do it?  If I did do it, it would be for about five weeks.  So what do you think?  Am I going to do it again this year?  Please tell me in the comments!  Also, it will be a million times better than last year, and I will be way more organized!  If I will do it, I will have different rules and stuff like that.  So, second year of Camp Crafters? Continue reading “What Do You Think Of Camp Crafters?”

Blog Questions

What Kind Of Crafts?!

Hey, guys!  I stuck.  What kind of crafts should I make?!  I have tried to make doll snow cones, but those didn’t work out (I didn’t have the right stuff to make them). 😦  And I have tried many other craft ideas, that I thought that would wok out great!  But all those ended up in the trash. 😛  So what kind of crafts do you think I should make?!  If you have any ideas I would love to hear them!  Thank guys! 😀 Continue reading “What Kind Of Crafts?!”