Doll Fashion

Spring Up Your Doll’s Style 🌼 🐇


Happy, almost, Easter!  It’s coming SO fast!  And I haven’t done any Easter themed crafts! *smacks head*  So I’ll be posting a spring themed craft on Wednesday.  In this post I’ll be showing you how to make your dolls look fresh and springy.  Enjoy! Continue reading “Spring Up Your Doll’s Style 🌼 🐇”

Doll Fashion

Retired American Girl Doll Clothes // Haul

Hi everyone!  So a few months ago I bought a ton of retired American Girl doll outfits for $30.00!  They were also in really good shape.  So today I’ll be showing you guys what I all got.  I’m also not doing this post to make anyone jealous.  Now let’s get on with the post!

(One of theses outfits I’m giving away!)





This is Julie’s Christmas Outfit !  It use to retail for $32.00.  This is probable my least favorite outfit I got out of them all. Continue reading “Retired American Girl Doll Clothes // Haul”