Today, 1 in 7 teens give up something they love so others like them more.

So many girls today will not play with their dolls because they feel pressured to “grow up” by their peers.

So I’m here to tell you it’s OK to like dolls at any age.

My name is Samantha, and I’m a pretty normal tween.  I play sports, I have lots of friends, I make jokes.  Except for one of my hobbies:



It’s not bad to love dolls.  I think AG dolls are a fantastic hobby as in collecting and photography.  I’ve been collecting my 9 dolls for almost 4 years now, and for 2 of those years, I’ve used them as characters on this blog, agdollawesome.


They have really helped me express my creativity.  To me, dolls are just another activity, like sports or reading.  They’re like my own little actresses.  So if somebody…

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DIY Zucchini Miracle Face Mask Recipe



Hey there!  Last night, my best friend, kitttylover106 and I had a sleepover!  We made spa masks, painted our nails, stayed up until after midnight, and watched Lea To The Rescue!

But when we were looking for face mask recipes, almost all of them included fancy oil we didn’t have.  And the ones that did not as for those asked for cucumbers or yogurt.  So with a little creativity, we mixed up our own face mask!  Zucchini miracle mask.

You will need: 

-2/3  cup of sour cream  (add more if needed)

-tablespoon of honey

-about 2 cups chopped zucchini

-1/2 tablespoon olive oil

1. What you first need to do is gather up your ingredients, food processor or blender, pretty bowl for displaying, and a large spoon.

2.  Next, put the zucchini in the food processor and blend on low until they are mostly chopped into tiny…

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