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Make Your Doll A Blogging Set


Hey bloggers!  You’re going to LOVE this craft you can make for your 18″ doll!  It’s a doll sized blogging set!  I’ll show you how to make a laptop, memory card, green screen and where you can find a doll sized tripod.  Enjoy! 😀 Continue reading “Make Your Doll A Blogging Set”

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Make Your Doll Cute Bunny Ears 🐰


Hello!  Sorry I haven’t done any Easter themed crafts this year…  I’m a bad bad blogger! XD  Well, maybe not that bad! 😉  So to make it up, I’ll be posting an AWESOME craft next week! 😀  Okay, back to this craft. Continue reading “Make Your Doll Cute Bunny Ears 🐰”

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Make Your Dolls A Magazine Organizer & AG Pen Pals


Hi, you doll lover!  Today I’m back with another craft and this one is on how to make your dolls a magazine organizer!  I’ve been getting American Girl’s magazines for a few months now, and I’m really enjoying them, and I’m 13… XD  So in the back of their magazines, you can sometimes find a cut out magazine you can make for your dolls, which I think is super cool.  My dolls only have two magazines so far, but we are planning on getting more.  But to store our magazines, I made a magazine organizer for them!  Here’s how you make one for your dolls. Continue reading “Make Your Dolls A Magazine Organizer & AG Pen Pals”

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Make Your Dolls A Valentine’s Day Banner

Valentine's Day Patterns
Free printable for personal use only, do not sell!


Hey guys!  I’m back with another Valentine’s Day craft!  But first, happy birthday Kaylyn!!!  I hope you’ll have an amazing day.  Today’s craft is making your doll(s) a Valentine’s Day banner!  This is a super cute and easy craft to make. Continue reading “Make Your Dolls A Valentine’s Day Banner”

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Unboxing My New Create-Your-Own American Girl Doll

Hey guys!  I made a video of me unboing my new doll!  I’m super sorry that this video isn’t the best, I don’t know how to edit, add sound or trim stuff out.  That’s why I’m sticking to blogging! 😀  So I’ve decided to name her Amber. 🙂  She is an amazing doll, and it was super exciting opening her up.  The only thing that AG forgot on her was her freckles.   She’s still adorable with out them though!  Thank you again, Madi, for Amber!  Wow, I’ve said thank you to you a lot for her! 😛  But I’m really geatful for her.  I’ll be posting pictures more pictues of Amber soon!  Have a great day, bye! 😀 Continue reading “Unboxing My New Create-Your-Own American Girl Doll”