More AG Fun

On this page you can find my random posts and craft marathons… enjoy!


Fall Craft Marathon:


Fall Craft Marathon – Paper Pumpkins

Fall Craft Marathon – Leaves

Fall Craft Marathon – Poster Printables

Fall Craft Marathon – Cinnamon Buns

Fall Craft Marathon – Buns

Fall Craft Marathon – Turkey

Fall Craft Marathon – Doll Salad

Two DIY Doll Halloween Costumes (No Sew)!!!!!!

Fall Craft Marathon – DIY Halloween Macaroons

Fall Craft Marathon (Last Post) – Halloween Party!!!




OG Haul!

Birthday Haul! 🎁 (2017)

Birthday Haul! (2016)

Christmas Haul! (2016)

Dollarama Haul!

Doll Adventures:


Maggie’s Hotel Trip!

How To Pack Your Doll For A Hotel!


My Doll House:


My Dollhouse Tour!!! (Winter 2016)

My AG Dollhouse! (Spring 2016)

My American Girl Dollhouse!


 This Or That:


This Or That! 1

This Or That! 2

This Or That! 3


AG Finds:


Thrift Store Finds!

American Girl Finds!




A Doll Christmas (A Photo-story)




Gabby’s Spring Photo-shoot

Kit (A Winter Photo-shoot)


Attack Of The Kittens!!!!!!!

Summer Is On It’s Way – A Photo-shoot

Kitten Photo-shoot!

My AG Photoshop!

Outdoor Photo-shoot

Super Cute Photo-shoot!

Soccer Photo-shoot!

Winter Photo-shoot


Holiday Fun:


Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Its The Most Wonderful Season Of All! ☃❄️

Happy Canada Day!!!!!!


My Dollhouse:


My American Girl Dollhouse! (1)

My AG Dollhouse! (2)

 My Dollhouse Tour!!! (Winter 2016) (3)




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